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Statement by Nissin Foods

19 Mar 2019

Dear customers,

Nissin Foods Company Limited would like to re-affirm our customers that none of our food products is related to the recent U.S. seizure of smuggled pork.

Nissin Foods does not export any pork products to the U.S. At Nissin Foods, we place the highest priority in delivering quality and safe products for our consumers, and ensure that all our exports to the U.S. comply with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s requirements.

We are committed to providing delicious, safe and dependable products for our customers, and will continue to implement stringent quality management to ensure food safety.

Should customers have any concerns, please contact our Customer Care Centre on (852) 3406 6666.

Nissin Foods Company Limited

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16 May 2018

福 拉麵「酸辣味」和「擔擔味」隆重登場 全「辛」演繹中華風味




今年,「福」麵將為其經典口味帶來全「辛」演繹,推出「酸辣味拉麵」及 「擔擔味拉麵」,這款全新非油炸拉麵配上濃而不膩的全「辛」湯底,讓你安坐家中亦能享受正宗中華風味的拉麵。








每包福 拉麵可供 2 人享用,只需經過簡單的 3 分鐘烹調,便能與家人或朋友享受如此美味。


福 拉麵「酸辣味」和「擔擔味」已於各大超級市場有售。想體驗「福」麵全「辛」滋味?萬勿錯過!